My Seriously Good Morning Habit That May Benefit You Too

Recently, I was given several nutrition tips from my wonderful mother in law. No, she’s not a nutritionist, nor am I, but she has lived, learned and understands how to design a balanced and healthy diet. She has given me many health tips over the years in order to help the body using natural remedies. Since I’ve started to apply her advice using this morning routine, I have noticed a major difference. 

First of all, I wasn’t aware my body was trying to communicate to me I was lacking something in my diet until I started this morning ritual. My ultimate goal has always been to maintain balance with my nutrition while also making sure I live a little! Gotta “treat yo self” once in awhile! Ultimately, I strive to make sure my body takes what it needs from food and gets rid of what it doesn’t in order to prevent overeating, feeling deprived, and having low energy. As a mom of three, I definitely need to feel healthy, happy and have lots of energy! This habit is becoming a tool I use to achieve that. 

Leading up to starting this, it occurred to me I don’t have a gallbladder anymore and it got me thinking whether or not that was impacting my body. It was removed many years ago and I never considered it might be affecting me. Then I realized I do face annoying stomach and digestion discomfort from time to time and began to wonder if it may be due to this. So, per mama in law’s advice, I now avoid eating certain foods after 6pm. This way I prevent stomach issues and sleep better. To accomplish this with ease, I’m making sure I eat good throughout the day–all beginning with this morning routine.

4 things I do before eating any big meal daily:

  1. Drink a hot cup of water. Some people do this with apple cider vinegar– which I’ve tried and it has its purpose, but even a trick as simple as just drinking hot water before you eat in the morning is definitely beneficial. 

    Hot water
    “Mommy needs sleep.” Got this cup after my first son was born as a gift from my mother in law. Still true! 🙂 
  2. Small cup (2 tbs) oatmeal. I like to use old fashioned or rolled oats. Just take the hot water pour some over and cover. I like to let it cook while I drink my water. I sometimes add honey, or just eat it plain. And some days, when I’m craving it, I add a little peanut butter to sweeten. Depends on my mood. The main thing is not over do it, but to get just enough.

    “Let all that you do be done with Love”.  ❤
  3.  1/2 or 1/4 of a small banana. Simple. Bananas are great to have in the morning. Plus they’re delicious!
  4. Lastly, about 2 tbs yogurt with a little honey. Sometimes I add the banana into it. Sometimes chia seeds on top too– because, well, that’s just amazing. 
Here, I added my banana and chia seeds to my yogurt. So yummy! 

After I have given my body these things, I wait until I start getting hungry and maybe if I feel it’s too soon to eat a big meal, I eat an orange, or 1/2 grapefruit. Once I’m really hungry I make a hearty brunch and if I haven’t already, I eat my citrus along with it so I can get some vitamin C!

Also, I don’t drink my coffee on an empty stomach–cold brew of course because I have basic bitch tendencies. Holla! Also, I typically have my coffee with my brunch or a little before, but never without having food in my stomach. Personally, coffee before food never ends well for my digestive system. Some of you may know what I’m talking about. I have great stories about this and I’ll share at some point on here!

Regardless, by simply doing this I can physically and mentally feel a difference. When I stick to this routine, I have improved energy in my day, think clearer no matter how much sleep I get and my stomach doesn’t face discomfort anymore. Yay! 

I don’t always make the oatmeal or yogurt exactly the same. I sometimes change it up to something similar, like maybe a bowl of cereal. The main object is to avoid overeating a certain food group by having a little bit of everything good to get the body and mind going. 

Despite this, each day brings its own set of challenges so not everyday starts the same– especially with kids. Before all else, however, I definitely make sure and stick to having hot water first thing and a cup of hot water before bed. Even just adding that to your day (hot water in the morning and before bed) you should feel a difference. Again, I’m not a nutritionist– just want to be sure I state that clarification before anyone yells at me in a message using all caps. Don’t make me cry! I love you. Xoxo

Lets remember, no body is the same since each has varying needs. Try to find what works for you and focus on being as consistent as possible. A little mindfulness and discipline go a long way in maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. If you give this a try, let us know how it works for you! 

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