Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day calligraphy image
In my experience, it seems moms have this way of intuitively knowing the struggles we are facing even when we don’t tell them. They have a way of recognizing how our personality and behaviors may influence any challenges we will endure in our lives. Despite what I thought, my mom always knew what I was experiencing even when I didn’t want her to know, or tried to hide it. So, her advice always came at a timely moment. She tried to explain things to me so the shock of any struggle would be less. She was doing her best to prepare me for this world. It’s one of the many difficult roles a mother has. It’s a part of the mother’s job I’m still learning with my own children. Yesterday in the spirit of Mother’s Day, I was surrounded by mommies who continuously inspire and teach me how to be this to my children. It was beautifully moving and I was content.

And of course, there is my own mother. The one who’s known me since I was in her womb. I hugged her and in that moment I wanted her to know and feel how much she means to me. So I hugged her tighter. As she held me I cried because suddenly I was filled with emotion and deep gratitude for everything she’s done, all she’s sacrificed and everything she’s taught me. Not everyone is blessed with loving, generous and compassionate mothers. Mine is all that and more.

I’m thankful, blessed and moved by her existence. I’m lucky to be able to take all she’s taught me and put it into raising my children.
So, thank you mommy. I love you more than I can put into words.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Mommies!

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