Adventures With Andres 

Andres straight chillin in his Owlette Costume

As a mom of three, I feel as if I’m constantly learning and have a lot to keep up with and recently, I’ve been changing things up around here. Currently, I’m really trying to let my children make their own choices and do more for themselves. I’m not perfect, but this is definitely something I try to build in them. Especially lately. I found how I have prevented this in them in certain ways, so I’m making changes in my behavior that will benefit them. Mainly, I want them to be confident and secure, so I’m trying to allow them make decisions for themselves whenever possible.

Yesterday, we took Immanouel to taekwondo, and Andres wanted to wear his Owlette costume with his mask and cape to go with it. We compromised. It was insanely hot so I allowed him to wear the mask and cape to which he agreed with no complaints. Aside from it being too hot, I wasn’t going to try and manage helping him with an entire costume if he had to use the bathroom while we were out! Nope! So we found a middle ground.

Now, Owlette is a character from the show PJ Masks. She is a girl and has some pink in the costume, but he doesn’t seem to notice that, or care. A few months ago, he chose this costume as a reward he earned for pooping in the toilet for 10 days. He used to hold it all day until he had a night time pull up for bed, but now he’s no longer in diapers for bed! Holla! Anyways, this was the reward he wanted– the Owlette costume. It’s probably because he loves capes and I’m so down with him looking up to a female super hero! Needless to say, this will help him build confidence by letting him wear it in public so I was even more excited about this outing!

When we got there, one of the instructors came up to him and said, “wow, I feel so much safer now that you’re here!”

People responded positively and thought it was the cutest thing! Then, a little boy came in and started pointing in Andres’ face saying, “Mommy! Mommy! He’s dressed like a super boy!”

Andres got shy, almost wanting to take it off, but I encouraged him to keep it on. I told him to be confident because he looked so cool! He was excited and continued to wear it and his smile grew.

After class, we went to the grocery store and he wore the outfit the whole time. So there I was, with one kid in a taekwondo uniform, one in costume and one boy wearing a peach onesie! I was that Mom, but people loved it. Oh… And as I write this Andres is wearing his cape. So it’s pretty normal behavior over here for all of us, just unconventional in public. We try not to let it phase us because it’s just who we are!

Moral of this message is just let your kids be themselves! It will help them develop their sense of self, confidence and the ability to make their own decisions. It also helps parents understand them better as individuals and it’s these parenting moments I enjoy the most. Watching their personality grow while at the same time challenging societal norms is the absolute best! Maybe it’s the Sociology major in me…

You have to admit, he looks pretty damn cool.

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